Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Second Person (audio)

A hilarious tale in which the author breaks several "rules" of "good" writing. Try it. YOU'll like it. (This story first appeared in the print edition of Alessia Brio's debut collection, fine flickering hungers.)

"The Second Person" is now available at:

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(see also: ebook edition)

EXCERPT after the cut...
So, this business trip you're on—dull, isn't it? The days are long and the evenings alone even longer. What a team player you are! Suffering a whole week away from home and those endlessly tedious contract negotiations. The only thing that makes it tolerable is that new corporate attorney. Damn, she's hot. Isn't she? So hot that after a day of working with her, you can't wait to haul your aching hard on back to the hotel and jerk off. Housekeeping, you might be surprised to learn, has a running bet on how many different places you'll blow your load each night. (Yes, they did notice the jism on the lampshade—and on the bedspread—and on the room service menu. Somehow, they missed the wad on the alarm clock even though it makes the last digit appear blurry.)

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