Sunday, September 16, 2012

Digital Manipulation (audio)

Oh, that stranger's hands!

This title first appeared in an anthology from Ravenous Romance & editor Rachel Kramer Bussel entitled The Lust Chronicles. It is now available as an audiobook (narrated by the lovely Veronica Giguere) as well as a free ebook.

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(see also: ebook edition)

EXCERPT after the cut...
I wanted him from the moment I saw his hands resting on the counter that rainy Friday afternoon at the pharmacy. They were neither callused, like a construction worker's, nor effete. His nails showed no signs of the dirt or grease that would evince a farmer or mechanic. They were trimmed to the quick, but the beds were long—a perfect end to the shapely fingers they capped.

He waited patiently for his purchases to be rung, tapping his fingertips in time to the inoffensively boring music that wafted through the shop. I imagined that he worked in an office of some sort, for his hands bore no sign of manual labor. Yet they had a strength about them; an enticing dexterity that made me wish he was tapping them in a far more intimate place—a place that was growing warmer and wetter with each flex of his graceful knuckles.

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