Sunday, September 16, 2012

Switch (audio)

Erotique's Mandy and Bruce are back! When these playful lovers experiment with a new toy during a powerful thunderstorm, they experience sex in a whole new way.

Switch also appears in the omnibus collection, ArtiFactual: Tales of the Erotique Mystique.

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EXCERPT after the cut...
“Shit! Forgot the corkscrew,” she said as she placed the candles on each night stand and lit them. She tossed the box to Bruce, who caught it with one hand just as the first crack of thunder rattled the windows. “Be right back. Don’t start without me!”

“Why the hell not?” Bruce called, tearing open the box to find a set of electric nipple clamps. He clipped one to each earlobe and put the connecting chain between his lips. When Mandy returned, she found him on the bed on all fours wearing just his boxer shorts and the makeshift bridle–grinning like a fool in the flickering candlelight.

“You goofus! If I plug those in right now, I could probably fry some sense into you. On second thought,” she teased, grabbing the AC adapter and making for the nearest outlet, “don’t move.”

Bruce leapt from the bed, caught Mandy’s wrists, and pinned them behind her back with one hand, forcing her against the wall and kissing her with the chain still in his mouth. The adapter and corkscrew each dropped to the deep pile carpet with a soft thunk, temporarily forgotten. When he felt her playful defiance begin to morph into desire, he broke away. “Snack first. You said I’d need sustenance, if I recall correctly. Ms. Long,” he crooned, unbuttoning her blouse, “would you please be my buffet?”

Mandy simply smiled and nodded.

With careful deliberation, he undressed her. At one point, she tried to assist—to speed the process—but Bruce stuffed a plump red grape in her mouth and bade her be still. Her eyes sparkled with delight at his little game. When she opened her mouth to speak, she found it again filled, this time with a cube of cheese.

“Prone.” Bruce pointed to the center of the bed as he bent to retrieve the dropped items. He removed the nipple clamps from his earlobes and placed them on one of the pillows, reaching under the bed to fetch the extension cord to enable easy access to a power supply when they were ready.

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