Tuesday, September 29, 2009


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Introducing Purple Prosaic, LLC

Purple Prosaic
Hello, and welcome to Purple Prosaic, LLC!

In an exercise of unbounded optimism, I am launching my own publishing label. Call it hubris, narcissism, or career suicide. Time will tell.

This is an effort to leverage my words, bleed them for all they're worth, and retain complete control over both the art of writing and the business of publishing. For now, it will house only my work (both erotic & non-) & my collaborations with Will Belegon. I may branch out at a later date.

I know I can juggle all aspects of a book's production, from cover art to editing to formatting, because I've done it for the past several years with Coming Together -- and it's been a very successful endeavor in terms of sales & critical acclaim. The altruism feeds my soul. However, I need a hefty income to feed my other appetites. ;) Hence, Purple Prosaic.

I will be re-releasing my backlist as each existing contract reaches its term, and I will be publishing new books via Purple Prosaic. I'll be taking full advantage of the various free self-publishing venues such as Smashwords, Lulu, and Amazon/CreateSpace.

The website is under construction & will be completed in time for my first release (sometime in October), a collection of my poetry entitled Implexity. There is a companion Twitter account as well as a Facebook profile, and they are both eager for followers/friends.

There is even a little promo gear in Coming Together's Cafe Press shop. (Proceeds there benefit Coming Together.)

So, wish me luck!

peace & purple passion,

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