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Artistically Inclined

Artistically Inclined
Determined not to repeat past mistakes and allow their sex life to become stale and repetitive, Cyndi issues Kevin a Valentine's Day challenge to exchange -- and fulfill -- fantasy lists. His response provides the canvas for an evening of daring inclinations and passionate creativity.

Kevin & Cyndi's romance continues in Bound for Success.

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Cyndi wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, leaving a smear of deep red paint across her furrowed brow as she concentrated on the work in front of her. Skirting the large canvas taped to her studio floor and tripping over a pile of stretcher bars in assorted sizes, she lurched toward the computer workstation in the corner. The ever-present clutter reminded her of the need for organization, but the artsy chaos did provide a level of comfort.

The work in progress--commissioned anonymously by a local businessman as a Valentine's Day gift for his lover--throbbed with a sticky sensuality, which made the air in the room feel like a viscous fluid flowing over the exposed skin of her arms and legs. Adding three times the usual amount of acrylic gloss to the mix in order to achieve the desired effect, the textured moiré sheen practically jumped off the canvas to stoke her libido.

As the piece neared completion, Cyndi began to dread parting with it. It had come to symbolize, in her mind, pure passion: the uninhibited, raw, pounding sex that left one dizzy with exhilaration. Although there was nothing particularly explicit about it, the work oozed eroticism. It evoked in her a desire to inhale the heady scent of arousal, to taste sweet silky skin, and to feel the rasp of a hot tongue across her nipples.

Wrenching her eyes away from the painting, Cyndi turned her attention to the oversized monitor and once again read the e-mail message she'd sent just over forty minutes ago.


  1. Audiotalo from Enchanted Ramblings gives Artistically Inclined 5.5 (of 6) magical wands and some terrific praise:

    This is easily one of the best contemporary erotic novellas I've read in a long time. What's even more impressive about it is that Cyndi and Kevin are not hot young twenty-somethings, but an attractive middle-aged couple. Both characters are sympathetically and excitingly drawn, with enough details about their workday lives to create a vivid picture in the reader's mind. With sexual tension buzzing throughout, a threesome and some m/m action, this is one hot read. Recommended!

  2. Terrie Figueroa from Romance Reviews Today (RRT) Erotic gives Artistically Inclined a "Multiple O’s" rating!

    "Public sex, ménage à trois -- what will this intrepid pair dare?

    "Sexual tension starts on page one and the consummation is incendiary!"

  3. Natasha from Bare Back Magazine had this to say about Artistically Inclined:

    The story begins as Cyndi, a Pittsburgh artist and Kevin, a successful businessman explore their passion and new love affair while exchanging emails to discuss ways to spicen their love life.

    The emails between the two become heightened as they explored the possibilities. They come up with a list of five sexual fantasies. They realize that their imagination is much more better than any material gift that they could give each other.

    The story starts off with a lot of dialogue, I think because it establishes the background between the two characters and makes for a story that is more realistic.

    Once the characters finally get together, it makes for a sexy scene. Cyndi and Kevin were already a couple who have a healthy sex life. They introduced another lover into the equation and sets the scene for an unforgettable erotic encounter.

    The story is playful, sexy and fun to read. It makes for a very good read.

    Four stars

  4. Forget the candy and the romantic candlelight dinner. Start a new Valentine’s Day tradition.

    - Robyn Ashford for TCM Reviews

  5. Here's what Mrs. Giggles had to say about Artistically Inclined:

    Do take note that Artistically Inclined was published only a few months ago by Venus Press and the authors have merely switched book publisher after Venus Press starts experiencing perplexing mysterious issues like telephones and emails that never work without making any changes to the story.

    In our story, Cyndi is in a relationship with Kevin. She's an artist while he sells sport equipment and all, so this could either end up in pieces or work beautifully to the grand finish. Currently, however, she feels that their sex life has fallen into a rut and, inspired by a sexy work she's been working on for an anonymous client, she decides to spice up things between her and Kevin this Valentine's day. They will exchange a list of five sexual fantasies and if they have any same sexual fantasy in their lists, they'll do that one come Valentine's Day. Boy, this could be asking for trouble, especially if the other person comes up with a list that includes not just his ex-girlfriend or Dakota Fanning but also his mother, the family bulldog, or something he's seen in a Japanese dirty cartoon involving tentacles.

    Artistically Inclined is not a bad read at all but I feel that the payoff isn't as good as the build-up. For one, I'm intrigued by the painting Cyndi did since it was supposed to be sexy while at the same time fit for display in, say, a church or in a school. What is it that she ends up painting, I wonder? Also, the story has Cyndi thinking about how she'll only let Kevin do the backdoor thing to her if he's willing to take it backdoor as well or how Karen, Kevin's secretary, has a thing for Cyndi so I'm really looking forward for all kinds of mind-boggling permutations and combinations one can have for two guys and two gals in a bisexual free-for-all. However, the payoff is pretty mundane in comparison to the build-up since the sexual fantasy Kevin and Cyndi opt to carry out doesn't even cover a fraction of such possibility. I won't spoil what they end up doing, but Artistically Inclined doesn't push the envelope as much as it seems to promise me at the start of the story.

    Perhaps if this is a longer story it would deliver all the graphic and naughty things it promises to in its set-up, but in its current short length, all it does is to set my expectations high and then leaves me hanging high and dry. That's not a very nice thing to do, I must say.

    Rating: 73

  6. Coffee Time Romance had some really nice things to say about Artistically Inclined:

    The first two pages immediately draw you in and hook you. The description of the art and the feeling Cyndi has while painting it are vibrant and colorful. The reader can practically feel the passion she has for her work, and particularly this piece. Bring in the Alpha male and you have a passionate explosion worthy of reading time and time again. This story will definitely not leave you wanting for anything. The sex is exhilarating, but tastefully done at the same time.

  7. Looking for ways to stave off boredom in her new sex life with Kevin Rogers, Cyndi Ellington comes up with the idea of them each creating a Valentine's Day list of their sexual . After letting Kevin know what she has in mind, the only worry now, for Cyndi, is whether their minds are closely matched enough in the bedroom for the relationship to work.

    After reading Amichu and loving it, I had a fair idea that I wouldn't be disappointed with Artistically Inclined. However, they should and will be reviewed on their own merit.

    One particular observation became apparent to me whilst reading AI: this novel left me decidedly hot and wet. The book had an air of sensuality throughout and that more than anything tends to turn me on. I have an idea, too, that the homoerotic scenes might have had something to do with it as well!

    The couple decide to abstain from any sex play until Valentine's Day and the sexual tension literally drips off the words thereafter. Plus, a sneak preview of both lists only serves to heighten that sensation and will have you craving that impending release. So with eroticism, sensuality and tension, AI should be one of your novels of choice.

    - Carrie White for Sexography

  8. Fallen Angel Reviews says:

    "Hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen, we have lift off! What an energetic, engaging, passionate, lust-filled story. Authors Alessia Brio and Will Belegon are amazing together. I loved Cyndi and Kevin. Both of these characters came from bad previous relationships and were willing to do anything to be creative and keep this new relationship on fire. Everything about Artistically Inclined was superb, from the characters and the plot to the hot and heavy sex scenes. I cannot wait to read more from these two amazing authors."


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