Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boiling Point

Boiling Point
Carly, tired of waiting for Jenna to acknowledge their attraction to one another, decides to turn up the heat.

WARNING: This story contains white hot friends-to-lovers girl sex and the off-label use of a bra.

This story was first published as part of Alessia Brio's debut collection, fine flickering hungers. "Boiling Point" is now available at:

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6,600 words

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  1. EXCERPT (PG-13):

    Jenna's words caused a fundamental shift deep inside Carly. She felt it slide, as solid and heavy as the door of a safe, giving her access to parts of herself she'd only glimpsed in dreams. At that point, she knew that if she didn't take the lead—and do so right now—she'd spend the rest of her life regretting it.

    Although it ran completely counter to her non-confrontational nature, she announced, "Okay, then. If there's nothing I can say, I'm going to have to show you." She took a deep breath and quickly moved over to the other side of the booth.

    Taking Jenna's face between both her hands such that her fingertips nearly touched at the back of Jenna's neck, Carly kissed her—very lightly at first, just a brush of lips, then more deeply. There was no mistaking the full body shiver that passed through Jenna. For a few fleeting moments, they shared one soul.

    Freeze! Carly begged the universe, but before the universe could comply, Jenna pushed her away.


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