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Fresh from a "shocking" sexual adventure in Switch, Mandy and Bruce are headed to South America for another trek into the amorously unknown. When a friend of Mandy's late aunt brings news of an Incan artifact suited for Mandy's shop, the duo travel to Rapa Nui to claim it. What they find instead could endanger not only the priceless item, but their lives. "Amichu" is the third in the exciting ArtiFactual series of sexy adventures by the writing team of Brio and Belegon.

"Amichu" was first published as part of Phaze Books' Samba line of HeatSheets. It is included in ArtiFactual: Tales of the Erotique Mystique and is now also available at:

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EXCERPT after the cut...
“Tomorrow morning,” Mandy remarked as she turned off the water, “we’ll be in the southern hemisphere. It’s winter in Santiago right now, y’know.”

“Yeah, but that’s more like our late spring weather here. We won’t need heavy clothing.” Bruce stepped from the shower, handed her a towel, and grabbed another for himself. “See? You’re not the only one who’s been reading the guide books. I picked up one for mainland Chile and one for Mata Nui.”

“That’s Rapa Nui, counselor. I’d be very surprised to find an ancient sex toy at LegoLand. However, that Bionicle stuff really does have some seriously sexual overtones. Anyway, from what I heard, the Chilean government is kinda shying away from the Polynesian place names. Even the travel agencies now use ‘Easter Island’ almost exclusively. The Polynesian purists rely on the Internet to keep the names alive.”

As they took turns drying one another’s backs, Bruce recited, “Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is a small, triangular, multi-volcanic mound, roughly fourteen miles long by seven miles wide. It lies twenty-four hundred miles west of the coast of Chile and twenty-five hundred miles east of Tahiti. That’s, like, from here to Las Vegas, Man! Its closest human neighbors are fourteen hundred miles to the west on Pitcairn Island. The twenty-five hundred permanent inhabitants have the honor of being the remotest population on the face of the Earth.”

Mandy grinned and threw her towel at him. “Show off! I only had time to read the section on weather—so I’d know what to pack. I figured I’d read the rest during the flight, since I can never sleep on airplanes.”

“Don’t forget the letter. We’ll need it to prove we’re who we say we are. Y’know, Man, I really think you should let that ol’ professor know Vivian’s dead before we show up on his doorstep. Your note’ll have him expecting her—not us.”

“No, I want to tell him in person. I get the impression from his letter that they were more than colleagues—maybe much more. And there’s something odd about the whole situation. I mean, why the secrecy?”

Bruce shrugged. “Well, from what you’ve told me about your Aunt Viv, she got around—and if an old lover wants to donate something to Erotique, I’m certainly not gonna complain.”


  1. This is the 3rd delightfully erotic romp for Alessia Brio. The story follows Mandy, who inherited Erotique, a successful upscale sex boutique and erotic museum and her lawyer boyfriend. While this is a short story it fulfills its promise with plenty of delicious titillation and even throws in a bit of mystery.

    When a mysterious letter arrives requesting Mandy's deceased Aunt travel to Easter Island to retrieve and transport an artifact for the Museum, Mandy and Bruce decide to go themselves to see about the artifact. What lies ahead will no doubt cause you to think twice about the power of fertility artifacts from ancient civilizations and stop for a few moments longer the next time you visit a museum displaying such items.

    Another terrific tale written with both humor and heat from a talented writing duo with interesting insights into the sexual psyches from the both points of view of both sexes.

    - Leola for Eternal Night Reviews

  2. Amichu is an action filled, humorous and delightful story. It is very well written and well researched. The love scenes are very believable and quite steamy. Alessia Brio and Will Belegon work great as a team and each compliment the other very well. If you want to curl up with a quick read by the firelight, then this is the book for you.

    - Sensual Reads & Reviews

  3. Bruce and Mandy are on their way to Rapa Nui, off the Chilean coast. They’ve been invited to collect an artifact for Erotique, Mandy's infamous sex toy shop and museum. This prized possession is from the benefactor Professor Eduardo Rojas Aguilar, a man from Mandy’s past.

    Amichu is... book three of the Erotique series, by writing duo Ms. Brio and Mr. Belegon. Mandy and Bruce are an insatiable couple and makes for some steamy encounters that only become more heated as they discover the artifact they’ve come to collect. The reader is given some interesting facts, not only about the central couple’s relationship, but also about the place they visit. I was able to appreciate the island with the information woven into the story. Both Mandy and Bruce seem like a very down to earth and sensual couple who thoroughly enjoy an active sex life. The sex does get heated and we’re gifted with an interesting opening scene that sets the tone for this story.

    There are some interesting plot twists, and even an incident that will have you pausing in surprise. You don’t necessarily need to read any of the previous books in this series to enjoy this story, though I would recommend it to gain a fuller picture of Mandy and Bruce’s adventures before reaching this segment of their lives. The only thing that threw me out of the story a few times was Bruce’s turn of phrase; I didn’t expect this lawyer to speak like a surfer. Mandy and Bruce have an easy light banter that makes Amichu such an enjoyable story to read. With the added elements of adventure, and a little suspense, this makes for a wonderful afternoon read.

    - Aggie Tsirikas for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

  4. The writing duo Alessia Brio and Will Belegon are at it again with the third edition to the series started originally by Alessia.

    This ebook is entitled Amichu. This story is filled with much more action and adventure than you can ever imagine. I sat in amazement after reading the enormous amount of creativity that was put into this ebook.

    The story picks up where it ended in the previous installment, and starts off on a humorous tone, but then soon introduced an action packed plot and adventure for Amanda and Bruce as they head to South America to uncover the truth about an Incan artifact that was generously donated to Erotique, (Amanda's sex toy shop and museum) by a lover of Amanda's late aunt.

    One thing that I enjoyed about this ebook was that it was well written by the writing duo, and I could clearly and vividly visualize the story as I read it. There was some technical archaeological terminology in the dialog of the story that made the story a bit of a challenge but it fits the story very well.

    In terms of the sexual heat of the story, it was well balanced, considering how well the story was written.

    One thing that I admire about the story is that the relationship and love between Amanda and Bruce seems realistic and is displayed in the skillful use of dialog between the two characters.

    The story was outstanding.

    4.5 of 5 stars!

    - Natasha Brooks for Bare Back Magazine

  5. Mandy is the owner of a sex toy shop and museum named Erotique. Receiving a letter from a friend of her late aunt she soon learns of a generous donation of an artifact made to her museum. Embarking on the exciting trip to South America, she and her lover, Bruce, soon find that their journey becomes a battle not only for the safety of the Incan artifact but ultimately their own lives.

    Although Amichu is the third in the series and I'm aware that I've not read the novels in the correct order, this is my first reading of this collaboration and I have to say the authors work extremely well together. Also, by reading novels in the incorrect order it does help to see if each book can adequately stand alone without their counterparts, and judging by things so far, it does appear that they can.

    Much as I would love to know which bits are the brainchild of which author, it doesn't really matter because the final result is just pure masterpiece. There's a fine spattering of humour throughout the story and the sex scenes are naughty and fresh. Thorough research into the historical facts about the artefact and the different cultures encountered just strengthens the sense of credibility you receive whilst reading this book. Excellent read.

    - Carrie White for Sexography

  6. Mrs. Giggles didn't care for Amichu:

    Amichu is the latest sexual adventure of Mandy and Bruce (Erotique, Switch). Well, after experiencing their body switch, they've now switched back into their old bodies again for an adventure to Rapa Nui to collect an artefact, a "huamanga carving", for their antique shop Erotique. As you can predict, these two spend most of their journey on their back.

    Perhaps it is tough to follow up to a body switch act, but nonetheless Amichu is a disappointing story. The sex scenes are pretty mundane when I'm expecting the authors to at least incorporate some wild conga jungle monkey sex here or there. In fact, the story ends when our boinking twosome reach their destination so the story is less exotic that I'm led to believe. I'm hoping for more erotic jungle fever moments like Ms Brio has offered me in her collection of short stories fine flickering hungers but Amichu, at only 30 pages, is just begging me to ask in a most sarcastic manner, "Why is this short little thing even published in the first place?"

    The sex isn't as good as that in the previous book and the story is actually half a story since it ends abruptly as if it's initially meant to be a part of a longer story. I believe these two authors are actually some of the few romantic erotica authors capable of writing erotic stories that actually make me curl my toes so it is a waste if they insist on putting out half-baked stories like Amichu. Why not wait a while to expand the story a little more and then publish it? Maybe Mommy needs new shoes, I suppose. I understand that the authors and Phaze have plans to package all the boinkersome adventures of Paul [sic] and Mandy into one collection. I'd suggest that people wait for that collection to come out instead of paying for something as short and unsatisfyingly truncated as Amichu.

    Rating: 51


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